Repository for links and files useful for parents/guardians and cadets.

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (free, registration required)

  • Retention of Cadet Medical Records (CATO 12-19)
  • Searches and Inspection of Cadets (CATO 12-50)
  • Membership rules (CATO 13-01)
  • Promotion requirements (CATO 13-02)
  • Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program (CATO 13-19)
  • Smoking Policy (CATO 13-22)
  • Drugs and Alcohol Policy (CATO 13-23)
  • Harassment Policy (CATO 13-24)
  • Conduct and Discipline (CATO 15-22)
  • Dress Instructions (CJCR Dress Instructions)

National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group Orders (free, registration required)

Training Program Resources (free, registration required)

The Great War YouTube Series (weekly "as it happened" video series on the First World War)

Uniform Picture Guide - see below. A handy guide to all the uniform parts a cadet may be issued.